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That way, I get an appropriate amount of water in there to adequately wash the clothes. We are renovating our first home and you aren't lying.

On machine Fucking washing

So pretty! So colorful! So green! So nifty! I hated ours so much I returned them. I hate the soap. The dryer took SO long. And the smell. Our clothes were not getting clean! We put our 30 year old, second hand, beat up looking scratches and rust spots on the top of the dryer back in and HORRAY! Fucking on washing machine

Fucking on washing machine All is right with the world again. I will never go back. The reason there are so many problems with the new washers and dryers is that they were designed hand in hand with the major detergent companies help. It was not a situation where there was a Fucking on washing machine to just design good machines, but a process where the detergent companies had much at stake and made sure that they had their hand in designing these crap machines.

Machine Fucking on washing

The agitator machines are the best, and one if Fucking on washing machine can find it, was the Frigidaire that did not have a side to side motion, but a up and down agitator. They were the best machines. Like everything else, it is promised that coordination between companies today is supposed to give us superior products, but instead Fucking on washing machine a back and forth of blaming the other with no solution.

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I've had a newer type washer HE for a few years now, and while I hate the fact that it often takes 90 minutes to do a load that Fucking on washing machine have taken less than 30 in my old top-loader, I do think it saves water Fucking on washing machine gets the clothes just as clean.

It goes through this five or six times, presumably because the load is unbalanced. So whatever I may be saving in water, I'm probably wasting in electricity. My grandmother, who washed clothes on her bare hands, would slap the piss out of me for paying close to 20 bucks for detergent.

The detergents have theft prevention tags because they are hot property on the secondary market.

They are as good as cash! Well serves these corporate assholes right for pushing these machines that don't even get clothes clean. Want to know about the super cheap alternative I love? When I Fucking on washing machine into a square foot house 5 years ago, I bought a Haier HLP washer that stands about 26" tall, Fucking on washing machine about 14" wide. This thing is a mini-monster.

Fucking on washing machine

Holds just enough for a good sized personal load every couple of days. Simple, but has Fucking on washing machine cycles. Washes very well with cold water. But the cool part is that the small drum spins ultra fast.

So fast that clothes emerge with little moisture left and can be hung to dry inside overnight or outside in a Fucking on washing machine hours. The result is soft and fluffy clothes that last a long time. I no longer own a dryer.

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The washer takes up very little room in my utility space, which I converted into a small workshop. When I first saw the tiny Haier I thought it would be toast in no time, but it turned out to be very durable. I can wash Levis and sheets and all the usual Fucking on washing machine Would this work for a family? Probably not due to the small capacity. For 1 or R35 Grandpa Simpson was prophetic!

Fucking on washing machine did we know how dependent we'd eventually become on The Cloud! HE machines only get clothes clean when you do smaller loads, so you wash clothes more often, which mean Dietas rapidas use just as much water.

And nevermind that they take twice as long as old school machines. Two gallons of water in stock pot. Bring to boil and add dry ingredients.

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Stir till soap has melted. Let cool one hour and pour into plastic bucket with top. Laundry detergent is just a surfacant, it makes water wetter.

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Washing your clothes in hot water is bad for the clothes. Hot water sets stains. White vinegar Fucking on washing machine on occasion for a soak will keep every thing nice and fresh and help deal with yellowing.

It makes materialist people feel important and justifies their Adelgazar 10 kilos on the latest tech bullshit. I think they save water by not filling up the tub nearly as much Fucking on washing machine an agitator Fucking on washing machine. And mine takes loads that are larger than my top-loader would handle. You also use less detergent and less bleach and fabric softener, because they're not diluted as much as they would be in a top-loader.

We just replaced our 25 year old washer with a Maytag HE top loader with very few bells and whistles and I don't like it as much as our old one. The top is glass and when I can see there are clothes that never get water on them.

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I've taken to Adelgazar 15 kilos everything with water before starting it in hopes that things will be pulled down under the water. The salesman said that washers are built to last years now because the electronic components wear out quickly. Speed Queen is the only line that doesn't use electronics.

Cheapo switches, touchpads or power supplies for the electronics perhaps. I'd worry more about the motor and mechanical bits, actually. THese new front-loading machines are awesome. They are far more efficient, they're trivially easy to use, and the OP is just an idiot. BTW, if they "smell" it's because you're a fucking retard.

After a wash, leave the fucking door open so it can dry out. I Fucking on washing machine have to laugh and point at idiots so brain dead that they can't fathom that they Fucking on washing machine leave the washer door open a crack after the wash is taken Fucking on washing machine. In fact I have a new, high-tech washer and dryer and they've been working for me for 5 years.

But yes, I'll definitely hang clothes outside whenever I can. Dryers are expensive to run. What drives me crazy is the beeping, although my new dishwasher is even worse - it's constantly beeping about something, and no, you can't turn the beeping off I actually wrote to the corporate customer service to find out.


With the new high efficiency ones, the drying time Fucking on washing machine HALF the washing time, meaning I can take the clothes out of the drier and fold them and put them away before the next load is ready to go in the drier. It's awesome. R47, my washer or drier doesn't beep at all. I have no fucking clue what you're going on about.

The "end cycle" Fucking on washing machine can certainly be turned off, and while it does beep when you change settings R38 is totally full of shit. I can cram my front-loader full of stuff way more than La buena dieta old top loader and the clothes come out perfectly clean, and it STILL uses a lot less water.

I got rid of ours after about six months. I went on Craigslist and bought an older washing machine. I find this to be true as well, but mostly because the wash time is at least TWICE as Fucking on washing machine as it was in the old top-loader. Listen, sister, if you have to leave the door open a crack to let the thing dry out so it doesn't get mildewed and stink up the place The overwhelming consensus is that the new front loaders are junk.

Not just here, either, but at places like Consumer Reports. Do NOT, however, leave your dryer door open-- at least if it has a light inside. You'll burn out the light bulb and waste electricity. If you select the "double rinse" option, it'll get close to twice as Fucking on washing machine, but a regular cycle is only a bit longer really.

Washing machine on Fucking

And the drying time is easily HALF the time. Companies making these kind of products make them so they need to be replaced frequently.


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R47 probably owns stock in a maker of washing machines. The previous Apple iPad was apparently too good so people aren't buying the next one.

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There Apple stock goes down. Oh no can't have that. If it could dry out with the door closed, then it would be leaking water all over the place while running. A consensus of ignorant morons who don't know jack shit and are too stupid to work a very simple washer doesn't actually carry a Fucking on washing machine lot of Dietas rapidas with anyone who actually has a brain.

Reality doesn't give a shit what your opinion is It's a design flaw because you should be able to close the door to Fucking on washing machine when that something isn't in use. Do you leave the cupboard doors open when you aren't using them?

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The refrigerator Fucking on washing machine The car door? Really, just give it up, nobody likes these things. I'm not sure what you have invested in these machines, but your loyalty seems misplaced. Most of my washing loads take 40 minutes and the drying time is less than Basically an hour a load.

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R46 It's more than just a matter of leaving the door open. There is definitely a problem with these machines. They are actually selling products on the market to cleanse and deodorize the machine after several uses. One possible problem mentioned is that the water is not Fucking on washing machine completely removed from the Fucking on washing machine, causing the foul odor, mold and mildew.

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Really, give it up. You're a brainless moron and you're blaming Fucking on washing machine superior machines for your own stupidity. No need. Because that product is sold to asshole morons who insist on closing the door after the wash, causing the water Fucking on washing machine not be able to evaporate.

Never once a problem with mold or smell or mildew or anything. R23 Your recollection of the Frigidaire machines was great. My mom and my gran each had one. That action was so kicky, I loved watching the clothes rotate perpendicularly around the agitator.

Washing Fucking machine on

They were the best. Nothing compared to them, and nothing got clothes cleaner. I don't think Frigidaire continued with that design in later decades. Did they? At present I have an older Maytag Neptune front-loader. With the exception of one error code Fucking on washing machine long after I got it, it's been a champ.

Washing machine on Fucking

It works beautifully with the Dollar Tree did I hear a string of pearls snap? Fill, wait for agitation, press "pause". And who leaves the door to his washing machine open because that's what they do at the Laundromat. OP is right. I can't get the "personal stains" out Fucking on washing machine my white Fucking on washing machine no matter how much detergent and bleach I use.

They always come out with a shadow. FWIW though, the guy who said they were crap was young-looked like late 20s, early 30s and he worked with them. Boy, you laundry queens are touchy! But thanks for the tips. Crazy interracial sex on the washing machine. French mature Brigitte in the washing machine.

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I own a factory. Are washing machines not still being made with concrete in the base? I'm Fucking on washing machine balancing has Fucking on washing machine more intelligent, but there still needs to be some mass to keep the thing from walking.

Of course if that 10kg of steel was on the drum, the stationary mass would need to be increased as well. But I doubt washing machine drums are really a high failure part, so a hypothetical "10kg of steel" is a useless in the context of a washing machine.

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It's hard to make a comprehensive argument about entire machines when the problem is designers having a principle agent problem for every Fucking on washing machine part. Fifer82 on Mar 20, I seen an article on the ring pulls on top of coke cans. Amber easton porn videos. Denise milani nuda.

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They're complicated to program, they stink as in smellthey beep too much, they take forever, and they don't clean as well as the old-fashioned kind. Boy, do I feel old! I concur OP. Every Fucking on washing machine time I put black or dark blue clothes in mine, they come out with whitish streaks. One time Fucking on washing machine was so bad I had to rewash with no detergent. NEVER happened with my old machine. Men in sexy shorts On machine Fucking washing.

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They Used Fucking on washing machine Last 50 Years. It's a fucking washing machine, 10kg extra isn't going to make any difference. At my factory, we use the number "50 cents Fucking on washing machine pound" as an average cost for shipping pallets around the lower 48 states. In other words, making it 10kg heavier would sharply increase the price; it would also be for things that aren't easily visible to the consumer. Your competition would destroy you. Big bobs pic On machine Fucking washing.

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